Emergency US Call Center

No business is immune to emergencies. US Emergency Call Center can make your business ready to efficiently handle any emergency situation in a calm professional manner. We can transfer calls to your back line, home phone, or cell phone and simultaneously send out the caller's details via fax, pager, email, or SMS text guaranteeing 24/7/365 emergency support. Because emergencies happen in all business industries, having experienced live operators directing your important calls will increase your business’ efficiency and customer satisfaction ratings. Whether your company specializes in home or commercial security, clean up of hazardous material, medicine, building management, HVAC, or tree removal, US Emergency Call Center is here to answer your customer calls.

When your customer calls with an emergency, our live operators spring into action and call, page, and SMS text your list of emergency contacts. We employ qualified multilingual operators to provide accurate communications services for a broader range of clientele. US Emergency Call Center's state of the art technology enables the attentive operators to transfer your clients call to you live so you can get accurate information on the crisis at hand. The more facts your company receives; the more your company is able to respond to the situation with speed and precision. All calls are recorded for quality purposes. HIPAA regulations are an integral part of US Emergency Call Center's daily protocol as part of our work with the healthcare industry and commitment to patient privacy.

Emergency is redefined with your company in mind. When there is a breach in security at your home or office, a hazardous spill on the road, or your car needs a tow we can take your phone lines and answer your calls. When your office phone lines are down we can pick up your phones and send you customer messages throughout the day and night. When your patients call complaining of pain, we contact you instantly. When your tenants call with building problems and maintenance requests, we reach the super and the plumber for you to reduce stress and inefficiency in your life. Outsourcing call centers is on the rise and emergency calls are now taken outside the United States, but with US Emergency Call Center 100% of our offices are located in the United States, including; Boston, Philadelphia, Jacksonville, Miami, and New York.